Sheaf Training - Health & Wellbeing Centre

The centre forms an integral part of the Sheffield Community Network programme. By seeking to develop the links between innovative health care and a digital Enterprise infrastructure, the Centre will enable Sheffield Children and Young People's Service to continue to expand vocational and ICT provision across the City in order to take advantage of the new employment, learning and recreational opportunities.

In addition it will offer a mix of learning delivered by teachers and trainers with the acquisition of business skills delivered by local employers and entrepreneurs. It will raise awareness of enterprise and develop ICT and business skills in young people from an early age. It will provide additional incubator space for older teenagers and young adults who are ready to test trade in a supported environment and will deliver a range of support services that encourage continued engagement with learning and improve the survival chances of fledgling businesses.

The Health and Well Being Centre will become a key spoke of the community network and will deliver bespoke packages of support, including access to the expertise and guidance of local businesses and entrepreneurs, including personal and business mentoring and HD video conferencing/webcasting as a node of the Virtual Community Network

Sheffield Community Network project is supported financially by the European Union. The project has attracted £2.3 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic development through the 2007-2013 Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme.