Statement of Community Business Principles

The Sheffield Community Network (SCN) project aims to help develop local digital facilities to benefit social enterprise and private business growth throughout the city.

We recognise that in our own activities, including the award of funding and purchasing of services, we must abide by EU, national, and city council regulations, and that the businesses we fund will need to act in their own best interests when buying goods or services from suppliers.


However, the project partners have adopted the following Community Business Principles to guide our activities throughout the project, and we ask all those participating in and benefitting from the project to do the same:


1. Grow the network - The aim of SCN is to promote the inclusion of more people in Sheffield in the digital economy through supporting enterprise and jobs. Our activities will be guided by the principle that we want to add to the opportunities currently available in Sheffield, not to replace those that already exist. We encourage those participating in the scheme to operate in the same spirit, and to support each other in reaching out to new audiences and customers;

2. Open opportunity - The project aims to benefit the whole of Sheffield and not just those who directly participate. In that spirit we will provide opportunities for the City Region businesses to promote their goods and services through the project, thereby helping to build a sustainable local network; 3. Buy local - In advising social enterprises and private businesses on purchasing we will make them aware of the benefits of buying locally, while recognising that other considerations will also shape their business decisions;

4. Think green - We will include advice on environmental issues in our support to businesses and will encourage them to undertake regular environmental audits of their activities;

5. Develop young people - The project will promote to the businesses it supports the benefits of taking on apprentices and participating in local community development activities;

6. Do it yourself - In the same spirit, the SCN partners commit to promoting these principles within our own organisations as far as is practicable.