Woodburn Digital Studio

Based on Woodbourn Road, the Pakistan Muslim Centre features a mixed-media facility called the ‘Woodbourn Digital Studio’.

The centre will primarily be used to create radio programming and will build upon their outstanding reputation for delivering short-term radio. The studio will also be used for the production of TV programmes, print journalism and photography. The project will deliver taster sessions on digital applications and technologies to members of the local community and provide start-up support and advice to local businesses. The sessions will increase the participant’s confidence and engender a culture of digital entrepreneurship whilst offering opportunities to participate in the digital economy.

SCN Hardware

1 x Microphone

2 x Microphone Boom arms

2 x CD players

1 x cassette player/recorder

1 x Mini-disc player/recorder

1 x Mixer

1 x Amplifier

2 x Speakers

SCN Software

Computer automation software