Sheffield Art Forge will develop a Digital Media Centre around their ‘WaveLab’ concept, which provides facilities and support for individuals to start-up or expand creative & digital enterprises. 

Our open-access facilities support people to grow their enterprises, while enhancing the creative process by supporting and mentoring each client and addressing their specific needs. The Wavelab nurtures digital product design and manufacturing development through access to a rapid prototyping lab including CNC and 3D printing facilities, giving people the opportunity to make their products a reality. Sheffield Art Forge workis very closely with Silent Cities to deliver a diverse offer for the communities of Shalesmoor, Kelham Island and Neepsend. This creates a ‘dual-site digital media centre’ where many forms of support can take place.

SCN Hardware

1 x High Spec Computer

8 x Workstations

9 x Audio Interfaces

12 x Headphones

2 x Studio monitors

1 x HD projector

1 x 3D printer

1 x CNC machine

SCN Software