In developing a Digital Media Centre, Football Unites, Racism Divides (FURD) encourages the latent entrepreneurial and creative skills that many young people possess, through bringing together youth workers and digital media professionals to offer advice, support and access to equipment and software.

The centre creates a digital enablement ladder for the 60 different ethnic groups living in Sharrow; many of whom are both digitally and socially excluded. This is done by providing support and opportunities around radio and production of creative content. We have developed a culture of entrepreneurship among the users of the centre and help them to engage fully in the digital economy. Football Unites, Racism Divides is working closely with Sharrow Community Forum and Learn for Life Enterprise to deliver a comprehensive offer to their local area. This has see the creation of a ‘multi-site digital media centre’ where many forms of support can take place.

SCN Hardware

5 x Midi Keyboards

1 x Condenser Mic

4 x podcasting mics

5 x iMacs

4 x iPads

1 xDigital printer

5 x flip video cameras

10 x Headphones

2 x Monitor speakers

SCN Software

Ableton Live

1 x Photoshop licence