Sharrow Community Forum

Sharrow Community Forum is a community development organisation working to strengthen the communities in the Sharrow area.

They work together with the local community to improve services, bring people together, build the community’s voice and make Sharrow a better place to live. They have a history of supporting local individuals and groups with fundraising, business planning, fund holding, and general support for new businesses. Their premises at the Old Junior School allow them to nurture start-up enterprises and community initiates, and the Digital Media Centre will help them to extend this support into the digital realm. Working in partnership with other Sharrow-based organisations, Sharrow Community Forum’s Digital Media Centre provides access to digital technologies and support to use these technologies to develop new jobs and businesses.

SCN Hardware

1 x Projector

1 x Screen

2 x Tablets

1 x Interactive whiteboard

1 x Wireless Keyboard

SCN Software

Editing software